Sunday, November 3, 2013

Turn Your Site Into a Traffic Magnet

Getting traffic to the web site can prove to be very costly these days especially if you are a new comer. It is very difficult to be paying 15 to 45 cents for a click on the pay per click engines. If you are thinking of ezine advertising then it can cost you around $50 for a classified ad and for a single ad it can cost you $125. That is really a costly thing for someone who has just started. The traffic will also stop coming, once you don't make your payments and stop advertising. The traffic count is again back to nothing.

Therefore you cannot get a continuous flow of traffic. That becomes a very big disadvantage for the beginners. The paid advertising techniques work really well if you have a site that converts well and the margins of profit are also good. If this is not your case then you need to find an alternate method. The article will provide a good solution for your problems.

FIRST STEP: Start writing impressive articles related to your niche which can be around 600 words.

SECOND STEP: Place a resource box after your articles which will be having a link back to the web site.

THIRD STEP: Make an e-book which will be having 70-100 articles.

FOURTH STEP: Now you have to use the following 6 steps in this point to make your e-book spread in the web.

1. Give free reselling rights of your e-book. You can permit anyone to sell e-book at any price of their wish.

2. Provide distribution rights for free of your e- books. Permit everybody to distribute the e-book in their list.

3. Permit them to give their ads on your e-books which will be motivating them to spread the e-book as it will advertise their sites as well.

4. Try including a 'tell friends' script in the e- book. Ask the readers to pass the e-book to 3 of their friends and give them a nice gift if they do so.

5. If you have an affiliate program of your own motivate the readers for signing up under your program and permit them to use their affiliate link at the e- book.

6. Permit your readers to use your articles in their web site or in the newsletters or ezines provided they keep the resource box after the article intact.

Just follow these six steps and you will have your e-book spreading like wild fire.

FIFTH STEP: Start the promotion of your e-book. Provide it for free for your subscribers. Do everything you can to promote the e-book to the fullest. After your e-book has started spreading:

1. You will be receiving good quality affiliates for the promotion of your product.

2. Incoming links back to your web site because of the various articles posted across the web.

3. Free quality traffic from the ezines where you had your articles published.

4. Increased links to your web site means more traffic from search engines as well.

5. People will start working for you. Many of them will spread the e-book for free while the others will sell it.

6. You will start receiving loads of traffic from various links in the e-book.

Now you can apply these simple steps practically on your web site and start promotion of the web site. So start as early as possible and keep working hard.

by shabbir wajihi


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